Another thing about people who write about video games

If you’re running out of things to write that aren’t about the thirteenth re-release of Call of Duty and you want to start a discussion (read: circlejerk) with your fellow video game enthusiasts, just post an article titled “Are Video Games Art?”, or, like Game Informer just did, re-post an issue that you ran five years ago called “The Great Debate: Are Games Art?

This is what that article should consist of:

- Video games tell stories, so, obviously, they’re art!

- Video game companies hire artists, so, obviously they’re art!


- Braid is a video game, so, obviously, they’re art!

- People work hard to make video games so, obviously, they’re art!

- This video game made me feel an emotion, so, obviously they’re art!

- I love video games so, obviously, they’re art!

- End it with a question like, “But does this really matter? Why can’t we just enjoy video games and ignore semantics?” to seem like a nice and rational fellow!